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Solar Powered Plane Could Be World’s First Pseudo-Satellite

Back in 2016, a Swiss explorer and Swiss engineer built a thin plane covered with more than 17,000 solar panels that circumnavigated the Eath without using any fuel. The aircraft has a wingspan the size of a Boeing 747 but only weighs as much as a large car. Then, in 2019, a US-Spanish start-up called Skydweller Aero bought the Solar Impulse 2 in hopes of turning the plane into the world’s first “pseudo-satellite.” They wanted to create something […]

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Embraer Celebrates 20 years of Embraer Aircraft Maintenance Services operations

Embraer Celebrates 20 years of Aircraft Maintenance Services

Nashville, TN, March 17, 2022 – Embraer has celebrated this week, in Nashville (TN), the 20th anniversary of Embraer Aircraft Maintenance Services (EAMS). Opened in 2002, EAMS provides comprehensive airframe services for all heavy maintenance, unscheduled maintenance, checks and structural repairs, modifications, supplement type certificates (STCs), aircraft bridging and lease returns. “Today we celebrate 20 years of excellence in customer support. I’m proud of the work provided by EAMS to its customers and our partners. […]

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