Repair of damaged veneered surfaces to full veneer replacement plus color matching for any style cabinet or veneered surface.

Are you looking for a reliable aircraft cabinetry service provider?

Well, you landed at the perfect location. Our aircraft cabinetry solutions are meant to give your cabinets a new and attractive look.

At Advance Finish Corp, We follow streamlined and systematic cabinet repair processes. Before initiating repairs, our expert team conducts a deep inspection of the airplane cabinetry.

After this, we schedule a meeting and discuss our observations and suggest some best-suited aircraft upholstery for the aircraft with the client. Once we get approvals and inputs from the client side, we start with our work.

With a motive to get effective results, we design a customized repair plan and make sure your aircraft cabinet is free from defect and have a long life span. We have a wide range of affordable and user-friendly cabinetry solutions for you.

Our Airplane Cabinetry solutions include

Damaged Veneered Surface Repairs: Damaged veneered surfaces will affect the overall appearance of the aircraft. We repair the surface of your aircraft’s veneers and make them look like a new one.

Veneered Surface Replacement and Installation: If your veneered surface is completely damaged, then instead of repairing it, we replace it with a new and modern look veneered surface.

Aircraft Veneered Modifications: In this case, our experts transform your aircraft’s veneer by adding new colors, designs, and extensions.

How can we help you & your aircraft?

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